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scarf hanger

Our Hangers are in position body plan and scores on shoulders for balancing ties on dresses and shirts. A strong wood balancing bar for jeans and a finished sword foe to burglary nail snare. Our mix hostile to scarf hanger in Australia highlights smudging gentled cuts for hanging britches and jeans. There are two distinct feathers of essence ring plans which works with new or being establishments perfectly. 

 Velvet Hangers

 Our holders are created in a multifariousness of styles for suits, fleeces, skirts, jeans, and that is only the tip of the icicle. Assuming that you’re a business expert or a head administrator, velvet hangers rest are an absolute necessity have for your stockroom or in- store style shows. Elect from dark or white 17″ rustic suit holders with U-indents, anyhow of hardened sword grasps, and locking bars. For skirts and jeans, pick 14″ dark or white, wood or rubber treated wood holders, with cuts. Our dark or white wood holders are developed from great wood and got done with a finished veneer for durability and life span.

At My Coat Hangers, our fine holders are whisked in groups, so you get the quantum you really want at an inconceivable cost. 

Eastern scarf hanger Australia

 Assuming that you love the smell of Eastern Red Cedar, My Coat Hangers has an expert answer for your storehouse room. We represent considerable authority in cedar holders, cedar balls, and cedar rings for your dress stockpiling. Eastern Red Cedar is known to smell new, retain moistness and undesirable scents, and dispose of moths. Ideal for scarf hanger Australia  perambulation in wardrobes or changing areas, our cedar holders come in three astonishing styles, anyhow of grasps. For your snuggeries and other little redundant apartments, essay our red cedar balls at 16 for each pack or our cedar rings, and cedar blocks for simple rack arrangement. We also offer cedar wood draping places to hang in your storehouse room. Rejuvenate your stockroom with great cedar wood holders. 

 Lustrous Velvet Hangers 

Texture and lustrous silk holders are a sincere expansion to any womanish wardrobe space or for ladies’ design retailers, and My Coat Hangers offers the styles and quantities to suit any need. Texture holders are intended to guard your stylish pieces of velvet hangers apparel, and they look lovely as well. The range of the lustrous silk bumper will hold papers of apparel back from loosening up with holder lumps, and they embellish outfits, unmentionables, or other fine pieces of apparel that are shown to look good ordeal. Look over dark, ivory, or pink lustrous silk, cloth, or normal cotton material in 15″ lengths, with chosen textures in 17″ lengths. Each lovely texture holder is adorned with a mark arc. Texture holders say a lot about your fine product, and you can arrange in quantities you really want for any reason. 

 For families, we suggest our 15” ivory and dark silk holders with chrome completed essence snare and 2” wide shoulders can help with bettering cover the state of your garments. 

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